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The ultimate series for the most beautiful, fastest and most historic racing cars of all time. Joining us at the Red Bull Ring: Masters Racing Legends, Masters Sports Car Legends, Masters Endurance Legends and Masters Gentlemen Drivers. Don't miss out when the top classes of historic motorsport come back to Austria.

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The Lurani Trophy for Formula Junior comes to the Red Bull Ring for the first time. Formula Junior was created in 1958 from an idea of the Italian Count Giovanni Lurani and is in many respects the forerunner of today's junior Formula 4. Formula Junior was intended to provide an entry into single-seater racing and was also economical, as it used, among other things, standard engines with around 1000 cc, standard gearboxes and standard brakes.

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Historic Formula Vau Europe looks after the preservation and continuation of the success story of the greatest junior racing series of all time: Formula Vau. The heyday of the one-make formula was in the 1960s and 1970s, especially in continental Europe and the USA. The engine, gearbox and wheel suspension had to come from the VW Beetle. The simple and robust technology enabled many later top drivers to enter motorsport.

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The Pre-66 Grand Prix Cars celebrate history and technical innovation, bringing the past closer to new generations of motorsport fans. Cars competing in the Austrian Historic must be of the type used in Grand Epreuve racing - pre-1961 front-engine cars and pre-1966 rear-engine cars. Cars that can be expected on the race track include: BRM, Cooper, Ferrari, Lotus, Maserati.

Entry Lists
Masters Endurance Legends:
Masters Sports Car Legends:
Lurani Trophy:
Pre-66 Grand Prix Cars:



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Friday, 10.06.2022







08:30 17:25 tests all series, Hotlaps, Customer experience laps, Track Displays (tbd) testing 08:30
17:00 17:25 DMV Formel Vau Free Practice 00:25

Saturday, 11.06.2022







08:10 08:40 Gentlemen Drivers Qualifying 00:30
08:45 09:10 Masters Sports Car Legends Qualifying 00:25
09:15 09:40 Lurani Trophy Free Practice 1 00:25
09:45 10:10 Masters Racing Legends featuring formula one cars 1966-1985 Qualifying 00:25
10:15 10:45 Masters Endurance Legends Qualifying 00:30
10:50 11:15 pre-66 Grand Prix Cars Qualifying 00:25
11:20 11:45 Lurani Trophy Qualifying 00:25
11:45 12:00 Track Display (TBD)   00:15
12:00 13:00 Lunch Break   01:00
13:00 13:25 DMV Formel Vau Qualifying 00:25
13:40 14:05 Masters Racing Legends featuring formula one cars 1966-1985 Race 1 00:25
14:20 14:45 pre-66 Grand Prix Cars Race 1 00:25
14:50 15:20 Masters Endurance Legends Qualifying 2 00:30
15:35 16:00 Lurani Trophy Race 1 00:25
16:15 17:45 Gentlemen Drivers Race 01:30
17:45 18:00 Track Display (TBD)   00:15

Sunday, 12.06.2022







08:30 08:55 DMV Formel Vau Regularity Run 1 00:25
09:10 10:10 Masters Sports Car Legends Race 01:00
10:25 10:50 Lurani Trophy Race 2 00:25
11:05 11:45 Masters Endurance Legends Race 1 00:40
11:45 12:00 Track Display (TBD)   00:15
12:00 13:00 Lunch Break   01:00
13:10 13:35 DMV Formel Vau Regularity Run 2 00:25
13:50 14:15 Masters Racing Legends featuring formula one cars 1966-1986 Race 2 00:25
14:30 15:10 Masters Endurance Legends Race 2 00:40
15:25 15:50 pre-66 Grand Prix Cars Race 2 00:25
16:00   End of the Meeting    


Q & A
What is the Austrian Historic?

The Austrian Historic at the Red Bull Ring is THE classic racing highlight of summer 2022. The unprecedented format in Austria offers living racing history for all senses from June 10 to 12, 2022.

What will be offered at the Austrian Historic?

A total of 7 legendary racing series will participate in the Austrian Historic: Masters Racing Legends, Masters Sports Car Legends, Masters Endurance Legends, Masters Gentlemen Drivers, Lurani Trophy, Formula Vau, Pre-66 Grand Prix Cars. Besides numerous races of the mentioned series, there is also a paddock access included in the ticket price.

How do I get a ticket for the Austrian Historic?

Tickets are available here: Tickets

VIP tickets: VIP tickets

Are there daytime box office tickets?

Yes, tickets will be available on site at the box office.

Where can I find the current timetable?

The current timetable for the Austrian Historic 2022 can be found here.

What are the opening hours on the weekend of the Austrian Historic?

Opening hours: Saturday 08:00 - 18:00, Sunday: 08:00 - 17:00

How do I get to the Red Bull Ring?

Here you can find out the best and fastest way to get to the Red Bull Ring.

Will I have the opportunity to see the legendary race cars up close in the paddock?

Yes! Every ticket includes access to the paddock, where you can move around freely and see the race cars live. There is no need to buy an additional ticket for this.

Which grandstands will be open for the Austrian Historic?

There will be half of the covered start-finish-grandstand (main grandstand) and also the south-/west grandstand (Steiermarktribüne) open.

What happens if the weather is bad (rain, etc.)?

If the weather is bad, there is no reason to miss the Austrian Historic, as the main grandstand is covered and it will be driven in case of bad weather.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions, please feel free to send us an e-mail to